A student with Deafblindness exploring musical instruments
Child with deafblindness engaged in stacking tower activity with the support of her special educator

Strengthening Need-Based Services For Children With Deafblindness and Multi-Sensory Impairment In Goa

The project aims to provide need-based early intervention, educational and rehabilitation services for 100 children with deafblindness and multi-sensory impairment in Goa and enhance capacity of family members, special educators, government officials and Samagra Shiksha educators to provide high-quality support to children with deafblindness in their education and rehabilitation.

Donor Organization : The Hans Foundation

Beneficiaries : 80 children and young adults with deafblindness and multiple disabilities

Project Duration : Oct 2019 - Sept 2022

Contact us for more details on this project (info@senseintindia.org)