A student with Deafblindness exploring musical instruments
Child with deafblindness engaged in stacking tower activity with the support of her special educator

Skills training for income generation of adults with deafblindness/ multiple disabilities in Sense India Deafblind Regional Centre on Deafblindness (DbRC), Ahmedabad

The project aims to develop service infrastructure for skills training of 30 young adults with deafblindness/MSI, in collaboration with their parents, teachers, and civil society organizations (CSOs) in Ahmedabad.

Donor Organization : Australian Aid

Beneficiaries : 1 Computer training centre has been established in Ahmedabad and 30 youth with deafblindness have been provided computer training

Project Duration : Apr 2019 – Mar 2021

Contact us for more details on this project (info@senseintindia.org)