Income generation activity and vocational training

The process of economic independence starts with identification of right kind trade in which vocational training are provided to young adults with deafblindness. Families are natural partner in the process as they know what will work in the community. The vocational training approach includes training in independent living, communication training, soft skills training, money concept, etc. After attending the vocational training programme, adults with deafblindness are supported to set-up Income Generation Activities (IGA) IGAs consist of small businesses managed and run by adults with deafblindness and multiple disabilities with support/partnership of the family members and siblings. Sense International India identifies the interest of adults with deafblindness and matches with the skill sets and opportunities available in the community to support them with seed money to start the IGA.  Pre Vocational training aims to develop specific skills in the young adults with deafblindness to cater to their needs for independent living and an active contributing member of the society.

Educator helping to identify money