Working with deafblind people

'Sense India has given hope to our children!', says Baweja

Shivam Baweja Parents of deafblind children come together to create a deafblind programme to address their children’s needs.

Om Baweja, was a worried man when the special school where his ten year old son, Shivam was studying decided to close down their deafblind programme. The deafblind programme in the town of Sriganganagar in Rajasthan was the only ray of hope for children like Shivam, who had deafblindness. Like Shivam there were 10 other children with deafblindness who lost their school.

It was while attending one of Sense India’s parents support group meetings that Om got motivated to form a parents group called ‘Navchetna’ (renaissance). A humble beginning from his own house, Sense India nurtured this group with advice and support to legally register as a parents association. One year on, Shivam now has a trained special educator visiting his house for two hours and so do the 10 other children who lost their school.

Om and his group of parents were able to start a centre in Sriganganagar with two special educators. They are determined and hopeful that one day they will be able to extend their support to more children with deafblindness.

“Sense India has given hope to our children and mentored us parents to come together and start home based education for them. We are confident that with their support our kids and others will soon be able to receive education,” says Om Baweja.

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