Working with deafblind people

‘I am now confident about Udaya’s future!’

Udayambika Udayambika and her parents see a ray of hope after a long and difficult time in their lives.

When Udayambika was born, it was like a dream come true for her parents. But when they realised that their little daughter could neither see nor hear their world came crashing down. They visited various temples and faith healers in hope.

Being daily wage laborers, her parents could hardly spend time with her. Left alone in a corner of the hut with no one to communicate, Udayambika developed multiple behavior problems like self biting, hitting herself among many others.

Udayambika had a ray of hope when Sense India started its work in Kakinada. She was identified by Hari Babu, a trained special educator, through door to door survey.  At present, Udayambika is receiving individualized training and developing skills necessary to carry out her day-to-day tasks on her own.

As Udayambika is discovering a new world full of possibilities! Her mother cannot contain her joy as she says,” My daughter is showing a lot of improvement. She communicates with me and is healthy now. I am now confident about her future. After seeing Udaya’s improvement my in-laws have also accepted us more into the family.”

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