Working with deafblind people

Surbhi makes her parents proud!

Surbhi Surbhi exceeded all expectations once she began to excel in school.

Thirteen year old Surbhi from Hazaribag district (Jharkhand), has poor vision and hearing. Coming from a poor family her disability was a burden.

So when Surbhi’s father heard about Sense India, he immediately enrolled her in Sense India supported programme. With regular visits Surbhi began to learn new skills. After few months of training, it was hard not to notice the progress Surbhi had made.

She became proficient in sign language, reading and writing as well as began to complete daily living tasks independently. Seeing this drastic change her parents began to take interest in learning more about sign language to understand their deafblind child’s needs.

Now Surbhi attends a mainstreaml school and is doing very well in her studies. Her parents have never been so prouder. They are very happy with her progress and are thankful that they have found a suitable programme for their child.

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