Working with deafblind people

Carving her own identity

Sabina Like any other nine year old, Sabina too has dreams to reach on top of the world. She wants to become a teacher and teach the children of Buxur, her village in Bihar.

Glaucoma may have taken her vision and added to her deafblindness but it sure couldn’t rob the power to dream from her eyes, and so a determined and independent Sabina goes to school. Like any other children of her age, Sabina acquires the skills to manage the challenges of daily life, learns to interact with people and gains knowledge.
Though words don’t roll off her tongue so easily, her fingers do the talking so eloquently. However life was not always so full of potential. According to her parents, it was because of Sense India and Manoj, the special educator from Ashadeep, Patna that she is now able to communicate very well with everyone in the family and with the villagers. She remembers the name of everyone who visits her home. She is also able to recite the alphabet from A to Z, likes going to school and is able to identify money from Rs 1 to Rs 10 both coins and notes without any support. She goes to a nearby shop, all alone to buy things like biscuits and chocolate for herself (!) and her brothers, and gets back the proper change without any mistake. Manoj is confident that given proper support and guidance, Sabina will create an identity of her own in society

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