Working with deafblind people

Rajesh now supports his family

Rajesh Rajesh is a successful businessman today, thanks to his mother’s perseverance to educate and support him.

Rajesh was born with Usher syndrome, a genetic disorder which is a leading cause of deafblindness. He had a hearing impairment from birth and lost his vision as he grew older. Before losing his sight, Rajesh attended a school for deaf children, but when he became deafblind there was no facility available for him to continue his studies and he was confined to his home. When his younger sister was also diagnosed as profoundly deaf, the family was shattered. Rajesh's mother kept up her search for professional support, all the time developing their own way of communicating using her limited knowledge of sign language.

Our partner organisation came to know of Rajesh's family and they began to work with Rajesh's family to build their capacity to train their own children. 

Rajesh is now about 30 years old, running a successful sweet and snacks shop famous for its samosas, fafdas and jalebi. Rajesh now wants to learn English to be able to use American Sign Language so he could travel to other cities and grow his business. He is now an active part of the Adults Network for deafblind people and his life story provides great inspiration to others on how ambitions can be achieved, whatever the challenge.

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