Working with deafblind people

“I will succeed as I have given my best,” says Meera


In just few years, Meera overcomes the obstacles of her disability and works hard for her exams.

Seventeen year old, Meera has just passed her board exams with flying colours. She says, “I have succeeded as I have given my best,” and it seems like she has come a step closer to her dream of becoming a teacher- what an extraordinary dream!  Meera has achieved her first goal of taking her board exams and her parents and teachers are very proud of her.

But just few years back the story was different as then you would have come across a very passive and aloof child with low vision and profound hearing loss. She could not make sense of the world around her until Sense India intervened through our partner organisation in Jamnagar. Our educators Madhavi and Bharti taught her to identify objects and express her basic needs through intensive training. Gradually they shifted their focus to school and started teaching her the same subjects at the center after school.

Today, Meera is a confident girl, full of eagerness to learn new skills. Apart from her studies she also helps her mother in household activities. She makes her parents proud specially her mother who has been a constant support in her life.  


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