Working with deafblind people

When the world said give up, Geetanjali at age three fought against the most difficult odds

Geetanjali Geetanjali's mother felt helpless in dealing with her daughter's condition until Sense India's educator came into their lives.

When Geetanjali was born, it was like a dream come true for her parents. But when they realised that their little angel could neither see nor hear, their world came crashing down. While children of her age ran around the house, Geetanjali simply lay in the corner. Her mother could see her helplessness but she did not know how to reach out to her.

We at Sense India, came across Geetanjali when she was three, through our partner organisation Aakanksha in Raipur. Our educator Vinodji, taught her to identify objects and express her basic needs. Geetanjali began to hold the glass to tell her mother that she was thirsty. She slowly learnt to sit up, stand and take her first steps. Today she makes her way around the house on her own. Geetanjali can now communicate and connect with the world.

Her mother cannot contain her joy as she says, “Today Geetanjali and I are closer than ever. When I see her walk with her grandfather or play with her favorite cousin, my heart fills with hope for a better tomorrow. It is still a long way to go, but my daughter is on her way to becoming a person on her own.”

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