Working with deafblind people

Firoz overcomes his disability and grows to be an independent young man

Firoz Broken hearted and isolated for years after an accident that rendered him blind, Firoz who was born deaf, finds courage and support from Sense India's educator to take a new lease of life.

As a young boy, Firoz had a box full of toy trucks of different sizes and colours. He dreamt of driving trucks when he'd grow up. In spite of his congenital deafness that kept him from hearing the roaring sounds of his toy trucks, he continued to be fascinated with driving these large vehicles.

Firoz met with an accident that took his eye sight. Broken hearted, Firoz stopped dreaming and wishing for the future and grew isolated and dependent on his family. His parents cared for him but had no understanding of how they could help Firoz.

When Renu Gupta a specialist educator trained by Sense India met Firoz she could tell that he was capable of growing to be an active and productive member of society. Renu Gupta counselled Firoz's parents and convinced them to allow him out of his over-protected and lonely shell. With time and continuous visits, Renu could pull him out of his depression and loneliness and taught him to channelise his energy. He now communicates through Braille, sign language and palm writing. He interacts with his neighbours and is popular among the youth. He joined our partner NGO, MP Welfare Association for the Blind and began to make small crafts and jewelleries. He has become very proficient at it and is currently making a career out of it.

Today, his sister has become a community rehabilitation worker, trained by Renu to meet the needs of 13 other deafblind youth in neighbouring communities and bring them out of their shells as Renu did for Firoz.

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