Working with deafblind people

Daya, the star performer!

Daya With the support and teaching at the Deafblind Unit, Daya surpasses her deafblindness to become a young, independent woman, living a full life.

Daya had her tryst with destiny even as she was in her mother’s womb. Rubella infection meant that she will be born deafblind. But Daya has been a spirited fighter from the very beginning. Her zest for life found a vital force when she met her educator Diptiben at the Sense India supported Deafblind unit. Nurtured by able hands, little Daya has metamorphosed in to an independent, lively girl who became an avid communicator. She uses signs, gestures, picture cards, lip reading and every possible way to connect with her loved ones at the unit and at home. Daya is an expert in making handmade jewelry and is currently part of vocational training programme supported by Sense India. Diptiben’s eyes shine with pride as she proudly calls Daya, the “star performer”.


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