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Ae Haalo Re Haalo


Be it decorating, playing garba, dandiya or dressing up, our children and adults with deafblindness are leaving no stones unturned! Here’s a glimpse of the enthusiastic Navratri celebration at our unit in Ahmedabad. The undying spirit of these energetic children and adults with deafblindness grooving to the tunes of garba is quite exemplary. They danced their heart out with nothing to divert their focus from the all the fun around.

Make way for the Garba Express…

Smiles all around

Kishan shows of his moves

Educator joins in, Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai!
(Even the educators couldn’t resist the euphoric environment)

Priya’s different moods

Checking out the crowd!

Enough of dancing… let’s shoot!
Rashmikant’s legs provide the added height for selfie
(Who would have thought of that?)

​Check out the video for some more action!

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