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The heart of Nepal was reduced to rubble and dust by a terrible earthquake which has left thousands dead and injured and every citizen in distress. Where individuals with hearing and sight are utterly lost, it is not possible to imagine the turmoil of a person affected by deafblindness – they are not able to see or hear. Also, since the world of deafblind people is confined to their fingertips, having homes completely destroyed leaves a child and an adult with deafblindness in heart-breaking physical distress and emotional trauma. 

You can change that. 

We estimate that in Nepal there will be about 10,000 individuals with deafblindness and multi-sensory impairments.

We have connected with one of our partners Ankur Foundation in Kathmandu and understand some of the immediate needs for support. Ankur is Nepal’s first inclusive education programme for children with multiple disabilities and today is providing services to over 100 children with deafblindness. They are responding now. They can do much much more now, and in the coming years, but only with your support.

Please donate as much as you can now, so that immediate needs can be met and a long-term programme established to rebuild the lives of children and adults with deafblindness.

Thank you
Akhil Paul
PS: Sense India has received special permission from our Indian Government to raise funds in India and provide support. We will keep all donors informed of progress.

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