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Marathons have emerged overtime as worldwide popular events that bring people together in a unified spirit of running. Though every runner has a different reason to run but the motivation remains the same – to emerge a winner.
Champions with disability’ is an interesting section of participants at the marathons. A sight to behold as participants with disabilities join the crowd of thousands to reach the finish line. But their goal is not who breaks the red ribbon first but that each one of them crosses it.  A simple wish, a lot of effort and what most of us take for granted.

This year at the marathons, we will see deafblind children moving forward to that goal. Though they are left behind in sight and sound, they are amply supplied with determination and grit. They will be on the race track and we will be cheering their victory. Victory over everything that says they are not fit to do it. Victory over isolation, rejection and over limitations. Becoming one with all, they will prove that they are truly champions.

Not only are they going to show up but they are participating with a purpose. They are raising funds for their peers with deafblindness. So that many others like them can receive support and can join them next time to run with a cause.

And so we invite you to stand with us as we raise our voices to cheer for their victory and help them raise as much money as they can.

Reach out with your hands, dear ones and let’s together show the deafblind champions that we acknowledge them. Give a missed call to  02233494939 and your donation will be that huge motivation that will see champions with deafblindness on the race track not only at this marathon but the next marathon and the one after that and many that follow. They will return with victory because you extended your fingertips to support them!

So make that missed call right away and open the link on the message you will get and donate.

Change is at your fingertips. Activate it!
Call 02233494939 now!

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Prarthana -14th May, 2015

Good luck team... Any support let me know, I work with Hearing Impaired and Visually Impaired in Bangalore and also with manyyy volunteers:)
Prarthana Prateek Kaul
Founder & Trustee ; GiftAbled Foundation

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