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This is how a deafblind student writes his exams



Exams are a time of nervous flurry of activity for students all over. Pencils get sharpened and pens get refilled. But for a student, who is deafblind, it means memorizing for hours, reading textbook after textbook on Braille and it’s the fingertips that get honed to recognize the dots on the page that would decide a course for their future.

This video is about how Arihant, a deafblind student appears for his exams.



Arihant is a young adult with deafblindness, a direct result of congenital rubella syndrome. He is 17 years old. He has low vision and profound hearing loss. He joined our partner NGO, Sadhana unit for the deafblind multihandicapped of Clarke School in Chennai. Gradually his eye sight got deteriorated and two years ago he lost his sight completely. He was trained in sign language and Braille so that deafblindness does not hinder his future. Now he is studying in class 8 of The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), reads and writes the subject portions in Braille. He communicates with others through tactile sign language. He is attempting 5 subjects - English, Home Science, Indian Heritage and Culture, Social Science and Economics in class 8th.

The question paper is translated in Braille. He reads the question paper and gives answers in sign language. His teacher has to read his signs and put it in writing.

Any teacher cannot be a scribe for deafblind students. The person who is scribing for the student with deafblindness should know sign language too. They also need to know Braille; if the student asks any doubt from the question paper they should be adept to clear those doubts. 

In the month of October 2015, Arihant will appear for the NIOS final exam. We are confident that he will clear his 8th standard with flying colors.

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Rohini Wagh -24th Apr, 2015

An inspirational story.

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