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Is there hope for Prachi? Part 2


In the previous POST, we shared the story of little Prachi and special educator Jyoti's intevention with her and her family. Did Prachi improve? Keep readng to find out! 

Inclusion From Home - School - Society
Gradually Prachi learnt to sit during interactions and got interested in exploring her surroundings and her toys. Not only her parents but her family members and neighbors were happy with her progress and they began to support us and accept Prachi.
Prachi was participating well in activities, but it was not enough, there was a need of inclusion in mainstream school. Eventually after much thought, her family got ready to send her to school. We arranged transport facility for her.
The day Prachi joined school alongwith learning, she started to explore the surroundings of her classroom and school.
Today she can dress and wear her shoes by herself. She eats and drinks without any help. She walks freely around the house and her school and also goes out with her family members.
Her neighbors were also amazed by her progress and they accepted her joyfully. Today, children from her neighbourhood come to her house to play with her. Once a distant dream of inclusion from home to community, eventually came true for Prachi!

Transition Planning

Now-a-days, she feels very happy when she sees colorful objects; she also likes drawing and filling color in pictures. We are observing her interests and are planning to teach the skills she can use to do what she loves.
We also teach her basic knowledge of language, alphabets and numbers. She also participates in her school cultural programmes. Her activities include using colorful beads. We taught her to hold needle and weave thread and beads. We also encourage her to draw a picture on her own and fill colors in it.
We are also giving her ADL (Activity of Daily Living) training and other trainings. She is also being involved in group activities and games with other students to teach acceptance and cooperation with them.
Currently she is receiving training in transition group. In this group she is receiving pre-vocational training like jewelry making, paper cutting, assembling pen materials, making paper bag and many other activities.
We are giving her ADL activity of daily living eg, brushing teeth, eating etc)   training as well as training in mobility and communication.
After observing progress in Prachi, her parents are now satisfied.

It took many years of consistent hardwork and determination to attain the change in Prachi, but then the little smile she gives makes us feel “It’s worth it”.
What more satisfaction can an educator get than to see a child get out of her bed and walk and live a full active life?  For her parents, Prachi was reborn and for us a family transformed.

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