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Is there hope for Prachi? Part 1


A teacher from one of our partner organization has shared the following story with us.

A few years ago, when we were conducting surveys to identify deafblind children for home-based services supported by Sense International India and National Association for the Blind, Maharashtra, one of our teachers received a message about a special needs child in Ravivar Karanja, Nasik.
Our team went to this specific child we were told about and met the father of the child, and introduced him about our work with deafblind children in Nasik.
After listening to our preliminary introductions he brought his 18 month old baby ‘Prachi’. When we saw her she was just lying down and it was evident that she had many other health problems. After clinical and functional assessment we found that she is deafblind.


The initial hurdles
After the visit we decided to take on the challenge and include her in our project. But sadly, when we started to provide home based services to Prachi, her parents did not give us positive response, to the extent that they did not allow us to visit their home and help Prachi.
We requested them to give us a chance to work with the child for two months and if they didn’t find any improvement, they could ask us to stop our visits. They accepted our condition and thus we started training Prachi. It was an early intervention in her life at the age of 18 months.

Early interventions
Little Prachi used to be intolerant towards wearing clothes. When we began teaching her to wear clothes and do other activities, she used to get very angry, cry and pull her own as well as others hair. She had problems in communicating with others and also lacked concentration; she faced problems in learning new things.
When our educator observed Prachi’s behavior and the behavior of her parents with her, she felt the need of counseling her parents about Prachi’s condition and its future implications.


Will the educator’s intervention bring changes in Prachi’s life or will it be a failed effort? Keep, posted to know what happened next (…to be continued)

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Sachin Rizal -24th Mar, 2015

Nice work!!!
Early intervention play’s an important role in the lives of children with any disabilities and for children with deafblindness it’s for sure.

Children born with deafblindness and associated disabilities may have several developmental delays and are at risk for falling behind in their communication, educational, social and overall developmental areas.

When Sight and hearing loss is diagnosed it is very important to begin the planning process for the child as early as possible. It provides an opportunity to the child to explore the world with same enthusiasm and understand his/ her strengths from the very early days...

Best wishes to Prachi!!!

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