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I am Pooja Kurian, a student of BA.LLB.(Hons.) Programme at Alliance School of Law, Alliance University, Bangalore.

As a Law student, I was eagerly hunting for a good interning experience with an organization bringing meaningful change in society. I chanced upon Sense International India and was intrigued by its work - a unique disability called, Deafblindness. At the end of these two weeks I can say that I could not have asked for a better option than Sense India. 

‘Sense India strives for a world of equal opportunities for deafblind adults and children.’ Sense India is in service of the deafblind since last 18 years and is a blessing to the deafblind people of India.

 I was introduced to Deafblindness, by working with Sense India which gave me new insights into this unique disability. Deafblindness is a combination of vision and hearing impairment. 
In my opinion deafblindness is not a disability, but it is just a different perspective of looking at the world. I was left awe-struck after witnessing how deafblind people communicate through ‘touch’. For a sighted - hearing person it may appear that ‘God has taken away something from them, but after seeing them, I felt ‘God has given them much more.’

The selfless service rendered by the people at Sense India is very inspiring. They are patient, ever ready to help and very friendly. All people working there treat their co-workers with equal respect and there are no barriers between the superiors and rest of the staff. All of them are friendly and more like a family. During my internship programme they whole-heartedly welcomed me as a part of their family.

Working at Sense India, though a short stint was a very enriching and memorable experience. I consider myself very lucky and I cherish the opportunity to have become a part of the Sense India family. 

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Prabhu Murali Krishnan -12th Jan, 2015

Almost fell in love with sense reading this...

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