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Circle Time


During a recent visit to one of our Centres I came across an activity done by educators with deafblind children which is remarkably simple but with profound importance in the life of any child.

Our early intervention centres often have deafblind and multisensory impaired children as young as 3 years old. They face unique challenges because of being deafblind. They have bad postures or self destructive behavior, withdrawal symptoms from being in a new environment among others. Some of them have never even been with other children of their age and do not know how to communicate with them.

Educators of these young ones have come up with a daily morning exercise called the Circle time. 


Nothing complicated. The children with their educators form a circle. Then an educator with one child starts going to each child and says hello.

But what’s new is that this hello is a song. It is like “Hello, hello, hello.  Hello Ashu hello. Ashu say hello to Nimit”.

And so on it goes until Ashu says hello to all children in the group and they say it back to him.

These hellos are said in high pitched songs as well as signs being done in the hand of the children.  

This activity is done so the children can learn - to communicate to others through greetings, make friends and most importantly it introduces them to the process of socialization. It’s a must in the initial stages for the young children.

The group itself is a mix of children from those who can hear a little, see a little to those who can do nothing more than smile.


One of the boys was in a wheelchair strapped from his waist to his neck to keep him stable; a weak spinal cord was the problem.

While another boy, Mehul, was the most active of the lot. As soon as we entered the class he wanted to break the circle to come and wish us.


But his educator didn’t permit so he patiently waited for the activity to come to an end and then stumbled in a rush across to us to convey his greeting with a big smile and folding of hands accompanied by some sounds.
It’s a great time that Circle time,
Time to greet twofold,
To hold and to behold... 
written by Sheryl Shiju Sam , Communications Officer @ Sense India.

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Sandhya Chokshi -19th Jan, 2015

Hi I would like to work wit you as since last three years I am working with special children in baroda gujarat.

Helen Potter -20th Jan, 2015

circle time is very important in our Family Centre too. Our little deafblind children gain so much out of being together, reaching out and finding little hands like theirs and holding tight. I've have added a box to our Circle time with exciting objects to reflect our morning theme. The children have learned the tap routine to open it and to reach inside with their hands to find the objects. It is a game full of anticipation and excitement, they love it! Good luck and we send you good wishes from Bristol in the UK :-)

Sheryl -20th Jan, 2015

Dear Helen,
thanks for sharing about your Circle time. Indeed its a fun time. Good luck to you as well! Love from India. :)

Sense International India -20th Jan, 2015

Dear Sandhya,
Thanks for the interest you have shown. You can always volunteer with us.
get more info at this link

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