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The Deaf can hear! The Blind can see!


Mark Twain nailed it when it comes to defining Kindness, when he said it is "the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see"

November 13th is universally appreciated as the World Kindness Day. Even though it’s paradoxical why the world needs a day dedicated to “Kindness” when it should have been an inborn virtue in humans, yet let’s just look at it as a gentle reminder. 

Kindness isn’t just limited to big jumbo works. It’s those teeny tiny thoughts and actions that fill up a big sack of Kindness. Smiling in itself is an act of Kindness. Sometimes even holding your tongue when you want to give the other person a piece of your mind is a big act of Kindness! 

Kindness means different things to different people – helping a blind person cross roads, stopping for another vehicle to overtake you , donating blood, sharing food etc etc. But all those are meaningful, no matter what. Even more so when no one notices your act of Kindness, they all add up. 

Being a silent spectator of educators of deafblind children in action, I have often marveled at the big ocean of Kindness and selflessness of our educators. It’s not easy repeating an exercise tons of time without getting angry when the child is in a bad mood or doesn’t cooperate or hurts you unknowingly. But they DO NOT lash out, they DO NOT give up and they DO NOT stop being kind to a deafblind child. 

So next time when we meet a child with special needs, remember to be kind to them because they do not intend to make us uncomfortable. Give a helping hand and words of encouragement to the parents and above all SMILE! 

Being kind has an impact on both the giver and receiver- it’s a moment in time when something changes, often indefinable.

So this November 13th take a minute and think of how an act of Kindness has impacted your life, whether as a giver or receiver.
written by Sheryl Shiju Sam , Communications Officer @ Sense India.

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Richard -13th Nov, 2014

Good article. Keep it up!

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