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The United Nations’ (UN) International Day for Tolerance is annually observed on November 16 to educate people about the need for tolerance in society and the negative effects that intolerance can spread. 

People with disabilities often face insensitivity when others don’t understand the nature of the disability, or do not recognize it or have no clue how to handle it, which makes it difficult for them to interact with others. Particularly in school/ workplace environments, people with disabilities are often ostracized, teased or bullied.

Tolerance is simply accepting who others are and what they do, but not having to really sacrifice or love them. Whereas, Service, however, is a verb and requires action.

Learning to be sensitive to people with disabilities is an important part of tolerance toward others.  An attitude of Zero Tolerance towards any kind of misbehavior or abuse of a person with disabilities is a must. Moreover, precautions need to be in place so that there is no leeway for such untoward experiences to occur. People with disabilities also need to be made aware of their rights, laws and assistive services available so that they can feel empowered to act and not suffer in silence. 

Incidences where teachers or parents hit children with disabilities in frustration are disturbing reports. Girls are anyway vulnerable and a disability just puts them directly in line of grave insecurities. We need to keep vigil until we can claim of a safer society for all.

As an organization Sense India takes a zero tolerance stand against abuse and hence we put in a lot of efforts and thoughts in framing protection policies for our deafblind children and adults. Despite earnest efforts, protection can fall short. 

We recognize that in order to succeed in our efforts to protect persons with deafblindness from maltreatment each one of us has to join hands. Fighting alone is not an option. 

 If you have questions or comments which would help us to further our efforts to combat incidences of abuse, neglect, and exploitation committed against people with disabilities, please send us an e-mail. 

We sincerely urge for your proactive enthusiasm in this important issue and hope you will join us in our efforts to ensure the best possible outcomes for those individuals we are devoted to serving.

To know more about our Child And Vulnerable Adult Protection policy, Stay Posted! 

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