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The Miracle Worker - movie day at the office!


Last Saturday we planned a movie as a relaxing time for our in house team. We watched “The Miracle Worker” based on Helen Keller’s life. This is the same movie which inspired the Indian version “Black” starring Rani Mukherjee as a deafblind person and Amitabh Bachchan as the teacher.

The movie itself despite being an intense story, did draw out quite a few laughs from us due to its puns, sarcastic dialogues and screenplay. But by the end of it few of us seemed to be lost in thought and few got emotional. Good thing! It worked!
The movie tickets were priced at voluntary donations. Everyone contributed. After all charity begins at home they say! We raised a small amount that was soon claimed by the FR team. Trust them to smell money from far off.
The last day of our week ended with loads of food, fun, laughter and the movie as a sweet memory for us.
Oh and the selfie craze also bugs our office.

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