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Unicel Technologies Ran for Sense India at TCS World 10K Bangalore


(Written by Pooja Kastia)
The thrill of touching the finish line combined with the impact of making a difference in the lives of children with deafblindness is a unique experience.
20 members team from Unicel Technologies, Bangalore felt the same thrill when they ran for children and adults with deafblindness in TCS World 10K Bangalore 2014, a prestigious event that has individuals and corporate come together to show their support for an important cause.
I visited Bangalore to meet a couple of corporate with regards to the World 10K and during one of my meeting I got an opportunity to meet Sulipsa Das, a lovely lady from Unicel Technologies. The moment I started talking about deafblindness and our cause, I could see a range of emotions on her face starting from sadness to happiness to amazement. She had no idea what deafblindness was or the impact of it on the lives of children with deafblindness.
So as we got talking I shared with her how with a little support an individual with deafblindness can become an independent person... an earning member. Sulipsa was thrilled to hear about our positive outlook and the way persons with deafblindness lived their lives- full of zeal. She was touched by our work and with all the further approval, their organisation Unicel Technologies decided to run for Sense India in Bangalore’s most happening event.
On 18th May, early morning the runners participating in the World 10K Bangalore took to the streets of Bangalore in pursuit of crossing the finish line supporting various social causes. Unicel Technologies proudly supported and ran for children and adults with deafblindness...
They participated as Corporate Care Team 20 wherein 19 team members participated in the Majja Run of 5 Kms and one member ran for World 10K ( 10Kms). The CEO of Unicel Technologies also participated by opening the race with other CEOs.

After the race, I saw a lovely message from Unicel Technologies in my inbox which I would like to share, “As a leader in the Integrated Cloud Communication Solutions in the country we have always strived to nurture talent within our organisation. The same thought goes towards the development of society of which we are a small part. We have always been steadfast in our belief that talent is the vital element in not only building up an organisation but also the nation.
In our journey to contribute towards the cause of building blocks of nation, Unicel Technologies this time extended its support to children with deafblindness. We would like to thank Sense International India who became a medium for us to support these little angels. We wish them all the luck in their undertakings for they have taken a great cause to accomplish.”

I would like to thank Unciel Technologies for extending their support and running for our cause...I always believe that one step can make all the difference…the effort and support extended by you will definitely help in changing the lives of many children with deafblindness in India. 


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